Other history relating to the Macdonald Lodge

Macdonald Jewels
Written by W.Bro. Peter Mitchell


Past Masters Jewel


Normally presented to a Master of the Lodge on completion of his year of office. The past master is entitled to keep the jewel for his lifetime and on his passing to the Grand Lodge Above it is returned to the Lodge. Generally most Past Masters return their jewel on receipt of LGR as in this Lodge it is not worn after receipt of such rank. It is a custom of recent years that in Macdonald that the jewels are ‘recycled’.


The Lodge has a number of jewels dating back to 1878. They are all of similar design and were manufactured by G. Kenning & Son of London, Manchester & Glasgow. The jewels are generally of 18ct gold and on the suspender bar is inserted a diamond.


The jewel photographed left was originally presented to W Bro W G Sell in April 1935. It was then presented to W Bro R J Powell in April 1990 and most recently to W Bro P Mitchell in April 1999.



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Honourable Testimonial Jewel


Two of these Jewels have been presented to Members of the Lodge.


William Strangward - Steward RMBI 1919, RMIG1923 & RMBI 1925

Presented by HRH Duke of Sussex MW Grand Master


AG Beaver - Steward RMIB 1910 & RMBI 1918 & RMIG 1921

Presented by HRH Duke of Sussex MW Grand Master



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The Loving Cup
Written by W.Bro. Peter Mitchell






The Loving Cup was originally a shooting trophy, presented by the Lodge to the First Surry Rifle Volunteer Corps (

1859 – 1908) *. When the Corps became reorganised into the Territorial Army as the 21st (County of London) Bn. The London Regiment First Surrey Rifles, the cup was presented back to the Lodge.


On Installation night the cup is displayed on the table in front of the Worshipful Master. After the Toast to the Master the cup is filled with Champagne and Brandy and passed around the company, each taking a sip, and passing to it his neighbour. On returning to the Master he drains the Cup.


The Loving Cup is on permanent loan to The Library and Museum of Freemasonry**  where it can be seen on display.



Links: -


*  www.queensroyalsurreys.org.uk/militia_vol_territorial/mvt40_1.html


** www.freemasonry.london.museum/


Following on from some research from W.Bro Peter Rowles, the below print was located depicting the loving cup. The print has now been purchased by the lodge.
 Loving cup is visible to the top right of the display of cups.